Three Principles Living

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD


We Are Not Our Differences

Look at this. Was it a Black man? An Asian woman? A 15th Century Moor? A 20th Century mixed racial girl? A 12th century peasant? A transgender man or woman? A gay or lesbian man or woman? A Priest? A thief? A Buddhist? A Muslim? A rich man? A poor man? A King? A soldier? No way to know. But look at it, and immediately you know this bony frame once supported a living person, a soul, a member of the human race. The particulars don't alter that. The essence...

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Moral Equivalence is an Oxymoron

We come into life with a deep, intuitive sense of what is "right." Philosophy expounds on morality at length. All the arguments around it are interesting diversions for the intellect. But the gut knows the truth in the moment. Right ideas, right actions, that which is in harmony with life itself, are experienced in peace and contentment, with a good feeling about ourselves and the world. Not-right ideas, not-right actions, that which is out of synch with life itself, are experienced in confusion and distress, with a troubled feeling about ourselves...

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Second Thoughts?

We can't help the past popping into our minds. It is impossible to know what might awaken a memory— someone who looks like your grade school bully, a sentimental song on the radio, a pattern of light and shade, a faded photograph, a sudden loud sound, a gory TV scene, a patterned dishtowel. When our mind wanders towards anything, we might immediately bring up a momentary memory. A lot of people who struggle with past abuse, or traumatic events, or remorse over something, or anger at someone, or sadness from a...

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The Fight We Don’t Need to Win

A frequent plea I hear from clients is some version of this: "Why can't I fight off these thoughts? I don't want this stuff on my mind. I try and try, but I can't drive the thoughts away! It's exhausting." The underlying difficulty for these clients is that they are shadow-boxing an illusion. But since it is their own illusion, it appears real to them. The harder they fight it, the more vivid it appears. In absolute innocence, they are holding thoughts in place that would have simply passed through their...

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The Whimsy of Form

Watch a video of an octopus. Study enlarged photographs of insects. Look closely at leaves and flowers. Observe fish swim in an aquarium. Examine bird plumage. Turn anywhere in the natural world and you are fascinated by unexpected beauty. Beauty is the whimsy of universal energy taking form. Now consider what passes through your mind. The inchoate energy of thinking puts forth forms, infinitely variable forms, from the horrifying to the inspired, from the silly to the profound, from the discouraging to the enlightening. Just as the earth is alive with...

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A Simple Gift

"So I'm making up my whole life? It's that simple? It's up to me how it turns out?" A young client asked me that recently after I explained to her how we create thought that we experience as our reality, in that moment. Yes, it is that simple. Yet within that simplicity are so many surprising gifts: Nothing and no one can make us sad, mad or happy. We can only do that for ourselves. Nothing and no one can put limits on us. We can only do that to ourselves. Nothing and no...

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