Three Principles Living

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

Emotional Freedom

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Mental health is our birthright. Mental health is innate. We can’t lose our natural mental health, only lose sight of it. Mental health is a spiritual fact; it is intrinsic to human nature. Those of us who are practitioners of Innate Health know that, and when we say it from the depths of our own knowledge, it resonates with people. Yet, somehow, it remains elusive. The immutable truth of it, the inarguable fact of mental health, never harmed, never lost, is still hiding in plain sight. We are operating in a system...

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Letting Go

In the past month, I stumbled into the subtle pride of expectations. When something has seemed true and reliable for a long time, we paint it into the background of our story and let it dry. For me, it was being strong, independent, and in charge of my own life. If I thought about myself at all, I envisioned myself living productively through all my decades, always doing the work I love, always enjoying energy, and always self-sufficient. It did not cross my mind that all the seemingly settled "forms"...

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Do thoughts even matter?

  Over the many years I have worked with people seeking peace of mind, three questions consistently arise. (1) Once you SEE that thoughts are transitory, that all thoughts just pass through our minds unless we hang onto them, do thoughts even matter? (2) Given that thoughts passing through our minds sometimes seem random, does it really mean anything to think, or that we think?   Can't we just live in peace allowing whatever thoughts arise to just come and go?  (3) Are we really the thinkers, or just the vessels through...

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It happens to everyone. Flooded with powerful feelings of anger, or outrage, or panic, or sorrow, we do or say things that are well beyond the pale. We can’t believe it. Anyone can be blindsided by emotions, without any understanding of what is happening Is there a person among us who cannot find the humility to admit that during our lives we have done and said things that later shocked us, things that we would give anything to reverse or take back? Sometimes it is fleeting. It comes as a blitzkrieg of excitation, flashing...

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