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Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

"In simplicity lies complexity..." - Sydney Banks
Paper Sculpture and Photograph by Anthony Quesen
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What If…?

What if people did not need to change even one external fact in their lives to find peace of mind? What if we were all one simple insight away from realizing that nothing and no one can make us think or feel one way or the other? What if we all come into the world with the capacity to ride the waves of life with wisdom and common sense, always buoyant even in the stormiest of times? What if there were something simple, something we have always known deep-down but sometimes forgot or failed to appreciate, that would set us free from suffering stress and distress? What if the human spirit is invincible, even when we feel dispirited? What if we always have, and cannot lose, innate resilience, the constant capacity to bounce back, no matter what? What if it is within our grasp, at any moment, to find our natural peace of mind?

What if all circumstances are our thoughts about life? What if the only power any perceived circumstance can have over us is the power of what and how we are thinking about it — or even if we think about it at all? What if the power is in us?

What I Know

Does it sound too easy, too good, to be true? I thought so, too, more than 30 years ago, when I first was exposed to the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, and told that the Principles provide the logic that could allow me to be at peace, unfetter my own creativity and unleash my own insights to guide me through life. If life were that simple, I thought, why would so many of us be living in stress, anxiety and depression? Still, it did not make sense to me to continue to wallow in my own distress without at least looking to see if it were true… I had to look in the direction of the inspiration that just might set me free.

I found that the true capacity we have to be at peace and happy regardless of circumstances, the one solution that will transcend all the things we call “problems” now, is understanding and owning our own gifts to think, to let thinking pass when it draws us away from the present moment, and to experience the intrinsic spiritual power of insight flowing through a free and clear mind. I found the path to peace and joy.

Sydney Banks

Like thousands of others across all walks of life, I was fortunate to be mentored by the man who saw the profound spiritual truth of the Principles through an extraordinarily powerful insight, and devoted his life to sharing what he saw with everyone who would listen. His life purpose was to awaken wisdom and happiness in all people. Sydney Banks, philosopher, friend, educator and genuinely enlightened person, died at the end of May, 2009, leaving behind uncounted numbers of people who had received and then shared the gift of understanding how the Principles demonstrate the fact of our natural, innate resilience. Like so many others, I dedicate my life to sharing this work and pointing others in the direction of their own insight, spirit, innate resilience.