Three Principles Living

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD


It’s Never Too Late

I've been writing stuff since I was a little girl; I always thought of myself as a writer. But until 2019, I never wrote a book. Many of my friends have written lots of books; people have kept asking me why I didn't write one; I've thought about it often over many years, sometimes even agonized over it. I've started a couple of books, then abandoned the projects. I've helped other people write their books. Now, here I am with my first published book. I can hardly believe it myself....

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Finding the Heart of Well-being

Early in my life, a lot of things bothered me, a lot of things made me happy, a lot of things made me sad, a lot of things upset me, a lot of things amused me. My feelings and my moods were constantly batted around by whatever was going on. An "A" on a tough exam? I felt fabulous. Someone yelled at me? I felt crushed. Something I was counting on fell through? I felt disappointed. Someone sent me an unexpected gift? I was elated. You get the idea. I...

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Finding our place

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us, it is that we humans do not exercise ultimate power over nature. There are things invisible to our naked eye that can take us down, stealthily and steadily, and could some day spell doom for mankind. Ironically, this COVID-19 virus has been declared our enemy; we are "at war" with it. Yet it is not at war with us. It loves us. It needs us to survive. It seizes every opportunity to settle within us.  Its sole purpose is to...

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Wisdom is Well-being

Years ago, a colleague who was the CEO of a large health care corporation started an informal retreat at a health leadership event we were co-facilitating by describing the experience of well-being across the life span we all could enjoy. To engage the conversation, he drew a diagram that looked like the one pictured above. He explained his idea that as mind-body-spirits in harmony, we could grow into realizing our optimal experience of well-being on a steep upward trajectory through childhood, as we come to understand life and gain independence, then...

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Coming to Peace after Going to War

Let me define what I mean by "coming to peace" and by "going to war." I do not refer to time and place, or to actual events. I refer to the different mindsets, and the states of mind, that support the experience of  peace and the readiness for war. All veterans, around the world, whether they have ever seen conflict or faced an enemy directly, come home ultimately after spending a lot of time in the mindset of uncertainty, risk, readiness, intent to follow orders/training without reflection or question, and awareness...

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Dancing the Universe

This applies to things large and small. Universal, global, and personal. Everything. Everything, from the entire universe to the tiniest particle of matter is pulsing with one energy, the energy of creation. The energy of life that flows through us is the same energy that vibrates through galaxies, enables the wriggles of worms and the spinning of atoms and the explosion of supernovas. Every fleeting form is generated from that energy, so everything is energetically connected, all one spiritual dynamic. You don’t need to be a physicist to imagine this, although physics...

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