Three Principles Living

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

It All Started with a Bird

I'm thrilled to share that my new book is available.

This book shows how people’s perspective can change from thought to thought, and how the power to reconnect to our spiritual strength to live from love and understanding is never lost, only sometimes obscured. Through compelling anecdotes that span eight decades of inner adventure, Dr. Sedgeman leads the reader to see that the possibility for the future of mankind at peace, in harmony, is innate to us all, if we just discover it.

Woven through the book is the presence of the unlikely and very private man, Sydney Banks, who first “saw” the spiritual Principles that explain life as a profound truth, and his singular effect on those who worked with him to share his discovery. The story is uniquely the author’s, set against the turmoil of the world in her lifetime, but it rings with universal truth that will touch every heart.


Dr. Judy Sedgeman’s It All Started with a Bird pleasures the reader with a beautiful combination of simplicity and profundity as she shares her life’s journey toward finding an internal space of love and fullness from which ministering to others is both effortless and joyful. She gently reminds us how, as children, we naturally listened to an internal mystical wisdom on a daily basis as we navigated our way through the multitude of daily challenges of childhood only to innocently turn away from it as we “matured.” She describes this process, one that most people will identify with, of trading in an approach to a life filled with light-hearted curiosity, creativity, and wonder for a more “responsible” one of seriousness, analyzing, judging, and achieving.

Delightfully, she then shares her “accidental” good fortune of being introduced to a Principle-based understanding that initiates her inestimably precious, incremental return journey home, where she recognizes wisdom as an ever-present companion and love as the only “sensible” option.

Joining Dr. Sedgeman on her journey will doubtless facilitate your own unique mystical journey to joy, contentment, and giving.

William F. Pettit, M.D.
Retired Psychiatrist, Full-time Medical Educator,
Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Creighton University School of Medicine

At first you think, another interesting autobiography of the trials and tribulations of an intelligent and powerful woman. But wait for it! She cleverly takes you by the hand and walks you into a world where you see and understand the true nature of mental health. She shows you that mental health is a feeling, and this feeling is innate to us all. So hidden but so obvious at the same time. Covered by the negativity of our thoughts.

This feeling becomes her true north and she continues her journey with courage and commitment to bring this new understanding of mental health to academia as well as the field of mental health. You will find that her journey is your journey. Not in the details but in the ups and downs of life. In the confusion and unknowns. You will also find that her answer is your answer as well.

Linda Pransky
Senior Partner
Pransky and Associates

It All Started with a Bird is a delightful and profound story of the journey through life of a wise and brilliant woman. She shares her experience and insights in a manner that helps the reader to experience the awakening that she felt and see the resulting transformation in her life.

This is a story that shows how human beings are born with the capacity for wisdom and insight long before they can intellectually comprehend all of the intricate details of life. She translates the insights she had in a manner that awakens the reader to see the deeper truth to which she awakened.

Judy humbly shares the mistakes she made, struggles she had, and changes she made as she transformed her successful but stressed life as a business woman into a spiritual leader to help human beings uncover their true nature of health and happiness. Her honesty, forthrightness, and willingness to share her magical life with us will delight the reader and her hope for the future and the possibility of humanity leaves you inspired and wanting to create a world that reflects what we all are on the inside… love.

Christine J. Heath, LMFT, CSAC
Hawaii Counseling and Education Center, Inc.
Pahoa, Hawaii