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Case study in insecurity

Case study in insecurity

It has been occurring to me as I watch coverage of the BP Executives in interviews that they represent a case study in insecurity. I’m curious what you think about that? In the reading materials provided for this workshop, I’ve got something called No Pain, Big Gains, which talks about corporate culture and the difference between the actions of an insecure company and one that operates with a high level of calm and security. In Dick Bozoian’s readings, he’s got an extensive chart in the piece called Leadership, Management and Organizational Effectiveness, which details the differences in behaviors and thinking between insecurity and confidence. I’d be curious, if you’ve read through these two essays, how you would interpret the BP response to this environmental disaster. Where do they fall on the scale? What would you do, if you were responsible for bringing them into the conversation in a more constructive way, to¬†elevate the level of their participation?

When we start reflecting about security and insecurity, and the critical importance of state of mind, we see examples all around us of situations that would turn out much differently if the leaders involved could act from a sense of security and confidence and strength. I’m curious if you’re noticing that, as well.

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  • It seems that they have been covering up the truth because they know that the public would be outraged. They are very insecure about their public image, but if they had been honest and transparent about what was happening from the get-go people might not be so skeptical about them today and into the future.

    May 21, 2010 at 4:16 pm

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