Three Principles Living

Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD


It’s Never Too Late

I've been writing stuff since I was a little girl; I always thought of myself as a writer. But until 2019, I never wrote a book. Many of my friends have written lots of books; people have kept asking me why I didn't write one; I've thought about it often over many years, sometimes even agonized over it. I've started a couple of books, then abandoned the projects. I've helped other people write their books. Now, here I am with my first published book. I can hardly believe it myself....

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Finding the Heart of Well-being

Early in my life, a lot of things bothered me, a lot of things made me happy, a lot of things made me sad, a lot of things upset me, a lot of things amused me. My feelings and my moods were constantly batted around by whatever was going on. An "A" on a tough exam? I felt fabulous. Someone yelled at me? I felt crushed. Something I was counting on fell through? I felt disappointed. Someone sent me an unexpected gift? I was elated. You get the idea. I...

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The Joy of Teaching and Learning

At heart, I love teaching more than anything else I've ever done. And, at heart, I know the joy of teaching, and the pain of it, too. Teachers today face student attitudes and system restrictions that inhibit their sense of freedom and ease in the classroom. Teachers today, at every level from pre-school to university, are leaving the profession, just to escape the pressures they feel that have nothing to do with what drew them into teaching and learning. Across a long career that included a lot of other work, I...

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