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Living a Dream

Living a Dream

We are always living a dream. We cannot experience anything without thinking it first. Whatever thoughts we bring to mind create our experience, which lasts only as long as they are brought to mind. Our thoughts are uniquely our own; no two thinkers arrive at precisely the same thoughts, although many people can share a predilection for certain kinds of thoughts. So each life, truly, is a particular dream, experienced as it unfolds through each person’s thinking.

One of the first statements I saw from Sydney Banks is: “Life is a divine dream, suspended between time, space and matter.” I was fascinated by it, though I could not work out what it must mean at the time. It hung there in my imagination for a few years, equally puzzling to me each time I revisited it. Then I heard Syd speaking once about a conversation he had had with a scientist, in which Syd tried to point out that the constructs of time, space and matter are ideas we’ve made up to be able to talk about our universe. But the only truth is formless energy.  Peering through the thicket of already formed thoughts at formless energy is a pointless exercise. We are bound to be caught in the tangle of our thoughts, not seeing beyond them, if we try to work through them to clear a gateway to infinity.

That gave me the courage to ask Syd a question: “How can I understand that life is a divine dream, suspended between time, space and matter, if I cannot think about it?” At the time I asked that question, the only book Syd had published was Second Chance, in which there is considerable conversation about  SEEING (as opposed to seeing) and KNOWING (as opposed to knowing). The wise character in that book describes SEEING in these two passages, for example (although I highly recommend reading the entire book):

“Remember, I told you …. that there are more realities than meet the eye. This SEEING must come from an experience of SEEING another reality.” (p. 16)

“‘SEEING’ is what evolves man’s mind to a higher level of consciousness. It is this evolvement that enables him to psychologically understand himself and the world around him.” (p.26)

Syd did not answer my question directly, but instead asked me what I thought about Second Chance. I told him I was confused by it and did not know what it all meant. “Good,” he said, “it’s good to be able to admit you don’t know. That’s the opportunity for knowing. From a state of not knowing you are likely to SEE something new.”

So I remained baffled, but I dropped the whole idea of figuring it out. I found that acknowledging not knowing and being at peace with it had really quieted my mind down. Needing to know the answers all the time (a habit developed in elementary school where there was a high premium on being the first with your hand up) had been revving up my thinking a lot more than I had realized. From a quieter state of mind, I was able to glimpse that “SEEING” is spiritual and “seeing” is temporal: that is, SEEING is an experience beyond cognitive limits. SEEING is fluttering briefly into the emptiness before thought where you KNOW the power of thoughts forming, your own power to form thought, as a spiritual gift before form.  I realized that I had previously memorized, pondered about, and repeated the definitions of the Principles as they were always described, thus innocently focusing on the formed word to understand them, rather than awakening to the formless, the true Principles, the spiritual energy of all life in creation, before the words. I had been reading the notes, but missing the music.

That was one of the most exciting insights of my life, and it was a point of transformation. Oh, like all of us, I still talked about the logic of the Principles and described the inside-out outcomes of the ways we create and hold our thinking, but I knew that was all an interpretation of the point, not the point. Not the point. The point is beyond words, in Universal energy we all share and through which we become our formed selves. Seeing the pure energy at the source, though, we have certainty that anything we see or know now could change, simply with the formation of new thought. Access to that reality is through stillness, through quietude, not thinking harder.

Although we can talk about Thought and thoughts, we are pointing to the feeling of the power that frees us from any one thought to release the potential of infinite new thoughts. It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks, how long they think it, or what they make of it, if they KNOW the Principles. That power is realized and experienced, not taught or learned. For me, in the instant I caught a glimpse of that, I SAW and KNEW the absolute absurdity of taking any thought seriously. No matter what. It’s no more possible to hang onto really beautiful thoughts than to drive away really ugly thoughts. They all pass naturally as the flow of formless energy continues to power us through life. We have to re-think them to “keep” them. When we SEE that for ourselves, we cannot possibly harm ourselves with our own thinking, any thinking. Because we KNOW we are living a dream brought to us by our unique imagination and the creative power of life. We know the dream is fleeting, evanescent, just images we create, passing across the screen of our minds, signifying nothing but the beautiful power to keep creating them.

For me, the depth of gratitude I feel for Sydney Banks for so simply expressing the possibility that any one of us, all of us, can SEE this for ourselves, is immeasurable.


  • Thank you for this wonderful missive! This is my first and most certainly not my last visit to your blog.

    November 24, 2015 at 3:45 pm
  • Beautifully quietening. Thank you.

    November 24, 2015 at 4:12 pm
  • Very nice Judy, thanks. I think the importance of the spiritual side of Syd’s work and our spiritual nature is growing in the 3P community. I was originally drawn to the spiritual and the 3P’s, as concepts, were a distraction for a long time as we struggled to understand and share them.

    November 24, 2015 at 4:19 pm
  • Barb Aust

    Beautifully said Judy. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    November 24, 2015 at 11:03 pm
  • Russ Meyers

    Ok firstly Judith I love the way you put things in such a way that I sometimes get near to what you are pointing to. That being said and appreciated let me cut to the chase, I used to think I can’t ask these questions because I ‘shouldn’t or ought not to. Now I think to hell with it if you’re suffering In any way like I am from anxiety with roots in late childhood early teens it serves only the conditioning of my ego false self to continue with this ‘thinking’.

    So here goes, you’ll give it a go or you won’t, I’ll still love you and your beautiful work…promise. ????

    Almost everyday for 30 plus years I’ve felt mental and physical pain from anxiety from the thoughts and decisions about who I was and what I should fear in life. Although hidden from me I was still thinking of course and the evidence of that thinking was in the feeling. I am closer with the principles than anything else to breaking the prison of illusionary thinking /decisions Not by trying to escape the frightening thoughts which keeps me in the prison of my own making, but by transcending them. My challenge is that the tension and anxiety continue not for minutes but often for hours s some times days before subsiding. Yes the thinking passes but not as quickly as some may suggest, for whatever reason

    Judith Can you help point me in the direction that helps me, as bruce Lee said, to look where the finger is pointing to and not at the finger itself. I believe the answe is spiritual in nature and lay in my growing awareness of the 3 principles and a gratefulness for that which I already have in my life

    Big ask Judith but I’m not going to stop because I’m closer to liberation than I’ve ever been in my life…and I don’t use the word liberation lightly the feeling its specific and real to me

    Yea or nay thanks Judith, and thanks to me for daring to open up ????

    November 25, 2015 at 11:36 am
    • Judy Sedgeman

      Russ, I admire your honesty about your situation and your sincere wish to move beyond the current pain. Transcending your current thinking is not a decision we make, but a direction in which we look. My sense, from reading your post, is that you do not really feel hopeful about what is possible, as hard as you are trying to get to it. (Here’s a link to something I wrote that explains that more in depth: When people do find freedom from the kind of long term suffering you describe, it is usually precipitated by disinterest in the bad feelings, the ability to say, “So what? So what if thoughts pass through my mind and I feel bad for a bit?” When it doesn’t matter what feeling state you are in and you can just embrace each moment and let it pass, it doesn’t go away, it just stops being meaningful or more important than any other moment in time. You are thinking a lot about your distress, in an effort to get past it. Yet it all stems from memories about past things that you cannot change, which have nothing to do with the present except that your ability to think allows you to keep bringing them back into it. Let it come and go; the past has no meaning except that meaning that we think it does.

      November 25, 2015 at 11:58 am
      • Russ

        Judith thank you. I feel you are right at some level about me and even how hard I’m trying to get well whilst falling voctim to thinking I often can’t even see. I’m feeling like Richard Sullivan in second chance. Trying so hard to SEE and HEAR really see and hear. I wonder what would that be like for me? How would that feel. Sometimes it’s like iv glimpsed it only to lose the feeling.

        I’m going to read your article you linked and listen to your response in this post and see where I end up

        I do have hope though Judith even after so many years I still have hope. I know that much or I would never have reached out to you. And for me that’s big.


        November 25, 2015 at 2:28 pm
  • Dubem Menakaya

    Wow what wonderful echoes of wisdom as Syd Banks says. I truly saw beyond the words and went to the Source through reading this. Thank you!

    June 10, 2021 at 8:04 am

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