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Peace for Veterans

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A FREE online program to help veterans find peace of mind in life and at home

If you are a veteran who is finding life at home awkward, who is struggling with memories or fears, who finds focusing or concentrating difficult, who has trouble being at ease in work settings, who feels edgy in relationships, who is quick to anger or to despair, who is in any way for any reason longing for peace of mind and ease with life… this program is for you.

Peace for Veterans was designed with love to help those who have served and returned feeling broken to come home to peace. It is set up on-line in 25- to 35-minute modules broken into segments averaging 4 to 6 minutes each for you to enter and use on your own, or with friends or loved ones, and take slowly, one brief segment at a time. It is absolutely free. It is not based on the pathology of suffering, but on tapping into your own, inborn resilience, the capacity to reconnect with your natural common sense and wisdom and rediscover peace. For a more in-depth explanation of this, see my Blog, Coming to Peace after Going to War.

If questions arise as you take it, there’s an easy way to e-mail us for answers provided in the program.

Here is a sample of a course segment:

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