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Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

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Healing from Within

A week ago, I cut the tip of my right thumb while making thin potato slices with a mandoline (a highly effective, but dangerous, kitchen tool). When it happened, it bled profusely for quite a while, requiring pressure, elevation, and a number of changes of bandages. It really hurt. For a day or so thereafter, the slightest pressure produced more pain and bleeding. I had to be careful to leave it alone and keep it safe. But within four days, it was completely closed and no longer painful and I...

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Should We Look Before the Fact?

It happens to all of us. We think we're just about to find what we're looking for, and instead, Poof!, it eludes us again. It's hard for all of us to give up the direction we've picked to look a different way.  I thought of this last week when I was sure the keys to my car were somewhere in the house. It passed through my mind that maybe they were in the car in the garage, but I didn't even look there because I was so sure I was...

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