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Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

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Ask the deeper questions

A flood of questions follows horrifying actions like the Boston Marathon bombing. Who is to blame? How did it happen? Why? Could we have stopped it? Can we keep it from happening again? We analyze each incident with an excruciatingly complex compilation of details. We hope for answers from the accumulation of minutiae. Shouldn't we also ask the deeper questions, the questions that would generalize specific events to insights about the universal nature of fury, hatred, alienation, dissociation in human beings? Have we taken seriously the critical need to truly understand...

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Enough said

One of the effects of quick and easy electronic communication is that anyone can say anything to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people with a few quick clicks and a press of the "send" button, without even a moment's pause. We've lost the value of allowing time and space for reflection to frame and produce our comments. Who asks themselves these questions any more: Do I need to say this? Is this valuable? Is this the best way to say it? Is this what I really want to say?...

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Incremental is infinite, too

Reading all the social media posts from people who are newly discovering the Principles at work behind life, I've been noticing how easily we become disappointed in ourselves, dropping quickly from gratitude for an insight to discouragement that we're not where we want to be. What we forget is that gratitude and contentment nourish the rich soil in which further insights blossom; discouragement is the drought that turns the soil to dust where insights cannot flourish. It is rare, though never impossible, that an individual experiences what we call an epiphany,...

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Light and Darkness

A young woman questioned me the other day after watching the news. She had seen a  little girl from Syria, bandaged and bloody, asking why her government would do this to a child.  In the same broadcast, she saw horrifying images of a fiery explosion set off by a father who attacked his two little boys with a hatchet, then immolated himself with them. She asked: If there is innate health in all people, how do these things happen? Aren't some people altogether evil? How can you say leaders and fathers...

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Should We Look Before the Fact?

It happens to all of us. We think we're just about to find what we're looking for, and instead, Poof!, it eludes us again. It's hard for all of us to give up the direction we've picked to look a different way.  I thought of this last week when I was sure the keys to my car were somewhere in the house. It passed through my mind that maybe they were in the car in the garage, but I didn't even look there because I was so sure I was...

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To do, or not to do?

It started in high school. I began accumulating books about what to do. Five Things You Can Do to Get into The Right College; Three Steps to a Great Complexion; Four Techniques to Build Confidence; Ten Secrets of Women Who Reached the Top -- that sort of thing. From succeeding in school, to picking the right mate, to choosing a career, to enhancing my appearance, to getting ahead at work, to keeping on schedule, to preparing quick healthy meals, to rearing intelligent children -- I raced through life ducking a...

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