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Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

The Principle of Consciousness

The Principle of Consciousness

The Principle of Consciousness is the gift we have to be aware of what we have created from Thought, and to be aware that we are creating it. It is what brings us the capacity to see and experience life unfolding as our thinking constantly changes. You might say it projects the movie we are making called “My Life.” We are the authors, directors and producers, and Consciousness lets us look at what we’ve done — and feel it, since it empowers our senses.

Here is a very brief video I made, as part of the series about the Principles, to explain Consciousness. Previously I have blogged about the Principles generally, about Mind, and about Thought, including similar brief videos.

The brevity of these explanations, I hope, points to the simplicity of The Principles — indeed of all Principles — which are the essential bedrock truths that then enable all the complexity we are able to make of Universal facts. Truth is always simple. But simplicity empowers complexity. Until, for example, we understand the simple truths of addition and subtraction, we are totally unable to deal with all the conceptual frameworks of higher math. Until we are able to understand the simple truths about the creation of our experience of reality, human behaviors are completely baffling to us. Once we see The Principles at work, we are at peace with all the vagaries of humanity. All of our differences, all our moods, all our behaviors from the worst to the best, make sense, and lose their¬†power to frighten us.

If there is any hope that we will achieve peace and understanding across the globe, sharing the understanding of the Principles offers the best chance at it. Once we truly understand what mankind has in common — we are all creating our experience moment-to-moment and seeing it as real — we can no longer become mired in trying to change ourselves and others from the outside-in, a hopeless effort. Change comes from our power to know ourselves and each other as the thinkers and appreciate the source of everyone’s power to change and inclination to move towards peace of mind.

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