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The Principle of Thought

The Principle of Thought

The Principle of Thought is the crucial power behind life as we know it. If we did not have the ability to transform the pure energy of Mind into ideas and images — forms of perception — we could not see life. Thought as a Principle is simply the power that provides the impetus for our minds to communicate through the brain and the senses.  The Principle of Thought empowers thinking to happen. We put the formless into  forms, and whatever we create appears to be our life. Since all of us are doing this on our own, no one truly knows another’s life; we live in our own separate thought-created realities, using our own free will to choose what we make of the time and circumstances into which we are born.

The ability to think our way through life is an extraordinary power — yet it is the essence of who we are, so we take it for granted. Most of the time, we don’t even recognize or appreciate that we are the thinkers, making up our lives moment-to-moment. Yet that power, once recognized, gives us the freedom to change, at will, in any given moment.

If someone is feeling victimized, it is not because they are truly a victim of their circumstances, no matter how difficult those circumstances may be. It is because they are creating victim-thoughts about those circumstances and feeling increasingly trapped and insecure. When they wake up to the power of thought, they can quiet that victim thinking, allow their heads to clear, and arrive at a whole new set of thoughts which might contain the answer to how to change their life. When I first heard that, I found it hard to believe. But in the 30 years I have done this work, I have seen it happen so many times, including to myself, that I know for sure it is true. As soon as our thinking changes, our whole experience of our reality changes.

In a way, of course that would have to be true. Like all living things, we are born equipped to survive for our natural lifetime on this earth. What greater survival mechanism could we have than a “psychological immune system,” the power to change our minds, see things more clearly, make new choices, look in a different direction, have fresh ideas.

So … here is a 2-1/2-minute basic explanation of the Principle of Thought, part of the series that will continue next with the Principle of Consciousness. You can find a general overview of the Three Principles here, and The Principle of Mind here. And here is Thought:

  • “Fresh ideas”? I wonder where these fresh ideas come from?What are your thoughts on colonisation of the mind?

    May 3, 2018 at 5:12 pm
    • Judy Sedgeman

      What do you mean by “colonisation of the mind?”

      May 4, 2018 at 4:59 pm

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